Our Mission


Campustree™ is focused on connecting students with employers and employers with students. With an emphasis on providing quality opportunities and candidates, we aim to offer an online solution for all your employment needs.


Campustree™ is focused on cutting down your recruitment costs and providing you and your team with a pool of highly qualified and relevant candidates based on your company's recruitment needs. We do the work now so you don't have to later!


As a student in today's job market, it can be hard to stand out and compete with seasoned professionals who have years of experience in the industry. We are committed to providing you with the opportunity to engage with companies looking to specifically recruit students. A job site for students, designed by students!



Jason Tabbara

Founder and Chairman
Ottawa, Ontario

In addition to overseeing the development of Campustree, Jason Tabbara provides consulting services internationally within the telecommunications, petroleum, and service sectors. His business background, and commitment to the Ottawa community inspired him to create this innovative website, which he describes as his 'most important and engaging new venture yet'. As a regular mentor to college and university students, Jason noticed a need for knowledge of services and products available to students; and the awareness of how best to leverage them. He discovered that success looks different for each student, given his or her unique profile (i.e. skill sets, goals, personality, thinking style, etc.). On the heels of his observations, Jason invited experts from the educational sector; as well as consultants and leaders from the local community, to orchestrate a viable, effective, and universal solution for students across Canada. Campustree is the outcome.
Prior to his role as Chairman of Campustree, Jason gained extensive experience with the launch, deployment, and eventual sale of several successful new ventures – Learnet College, Navworks, and Cansultex. Of particular note was the diversity in the three ventures (telecommunications, technological, and international trade). In 2008, Jason joined the Radiation Protection Bureau with Health Canada as a Senior Marketing Analyst to help launch and market a new product. His achievements earned him recognition as one of Ottawa’s most successful young entrepreneurs.

Harrison Almehdar

Chief Operating Officer
Ottawa, Ontario

Harrison joined Campustree in 2012 and is currently responsible for its day-to-day operation, including: revenue and sales growth; expense, cost, and margin control; plus monthly, quarterly, and annual financial goal management. Harrison graduated in 2010. He has established Campustree’s performance goals; allocated resources for future business development; and assessed policies for senior management. Campustree is thankful for Harrison’s abilities to demonstrate successful execution of business strategies for our company's products and services.