Ottawa Launches First Ever Online Canadian Student Job Portal

The beginning of August 2015 marks a special day for students in the nation's Capital. Campustree Careers Inc., launched their new online comprehensive job search portal to give students a chance to compete in today’s job market.

With other sites catering to online resumes and job searching, the list of applicants has grown to an unmanageable number of people with multiple areas of experiences. Students looking for work online had become improbable candidates due to their little life experiences, schedules and ages. breaks down the walls between students and employers by connecting them directly with one another. Students have the opportunity to register a free profile and record a VCL (Video Cover Letter) to showcase their individual personalities, character and presentation skills.

Employers also register a free profile and have the ability to view unlimited student profiles for free. They must purchase Branches to communicate with students (each branch connects a potential employer to a student candidate). Employers may also advertise and sponsor their company logo connects students to employers and employers to students. You may register and begin your search now.

Campustree PR Team